You can reserve a date for your event by paying either the full sum or a part-payment of £50.

We offer the usual choice of payment options: either by electronic transfer/BACS and by cheque or cash. For those that wish to pay online, you may do so securely via PayPal to give you full consumer protection.

Whichever payment method you choose you can rest assured that your chosen date will be secure - as long as it is available at the point of booking. All confirmed bookings are immediately entered into our diary giving you peace of mind.

Our commitment to service means that your satisfaction is our primary concern.

We are proud of the service we offer and if you check-out the Testimonials section of our website you will read feedback from many satisfied clients.

Wedding Packages from £120

Wedding Packages
Cost Order
Intial Payment £50

Funeral/Memorial Cost from £75

Funeral / Memorial Packages
Cost Order
Payment £75

Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Package
Cost Order
£50 Voucher