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A touching and significant marker for your occasion.

Tribute To Your Loved One

The release of Doves at a Funeral can be both a touching and significant marker of the occasion as they symbolise peace, hope, faith and love. White Doves for a Funeral are a beautiful tribute to a loved one and the sight of these beautiful birds soaring into the sky can bring a moment of comfort at such a sad time.

The release of our beautiful White Doves takes place after the service or at the graveside and so it is a lovely way to end the service. As you’ll see from the picture on this page, we have several different basket/bird-cage settings with which to display/release our Funeral Doves.

We can read out a specially selected poem if you wish, and we also do a short reading about the symbolism of White Doves at this time. We understand that Funerals are not, typically, planned in advance, so your call is never too late and we will do all we can to accommodate your request. You may also prefer to ask your Funeral Director to make arrangements directly with us on your behalf.


Display Doves and Cages

Our beautiful pure white fancy Fantail Doves have proved extremely welcome at Funerals & Memorials. They are not released as they lack the homing instinct, but when in their decorated cages they bring something special to the White Dove release. They are also a welcome distraction for any children present as the Dove handler can take them out of the cage afterwards for them to see close up and to pet. There is no extra charge for these Doves, however should you prefer to simply have the Release Doves without the Display Doves then of course that is no problem, it is your choice.


Basket and Cage Decorations

All of our baskets & cages are beautifully decorated and if there is a colour theme for the Funeral we can decorate our baskets & cages to reflect this. Alternatively, we can use simple colours such as white with greenery, or perhaps a touch of purple for spiritual significance.


For those who would like to release a Dove by hand but feel a little nervous, or for children, we have individual boxes whereby the Dove is released by releasing the ribbon allowing it to fly out.


As part of each of our Funeral packages we can, if you would like, read out a suitable poem from a selection we have prior to the Doves being released, and we say a short explanation on the symbolism of White Doves. Following the release, a copy of the poem, along with a single white feather (two white feathers for a reunited pair) is given to you as a keepsake.

“Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.”
Psalm 55:6


Funeral & Memorial Services

Individual Spirit Dove
from £100.00

A single Dove is released to symbolise the soul of the departed on their final journey to Heaven. This can be released from a basket or by hand.


Holy Trinity
from £140.00

Four Doves in total, three Doves are released representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The fourth dove representing the departed’s spirit, is released to join them.


On the Wings of Angels
from £170.00

Seven Doves in total, Six Doves representing Angels from Heaven are released. A seventh Dove representing the soul of the departed is then released by hand to join them on the  final journey to Heaven.


Reunited Pair
from £120.00

A single Dove representing the spirit of the deceased is released, either by hand or from a basket, followed by a second Dove. This Dove represents the previously departed spirit of the deceased. The two Doves will meet up and fly home together, symbolising the couple being reunited for ever.


Celebration of Life

Often chosen to celebrate the legacy of someone special, where their impact on loved-ones and others is to be commemorated. Particularly appropriate where the departed has lived a long life and raised a happy family, sometimes being responsible for several generations of that family.

The two display cages containing fancy Fantail Doves bring a particularly special touch to a Funeral as they can be placed at the entrance to the chapel or crematorium forming a “Guard of Honour” as the coffin is taken inside, then being placed outside next to the baskets ready for the release following the service.

Ten Dove Release
from £210.00


Twelve Dove Release
from £240.00


Twenty Dove Release
from £380.00


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Dove Release For Your Memorial


Want to release Doves to add a touching and significant moment for your Funeral or Memorial? Then enquire today. Our aim is help you create loving tributes through the emotional power of Dove Releasing.

To make a booking with us, please fill out our contact form below or simply call us, whichever you prefer. If you can complete as many details as you are able to, we will get back to you and let you know our availability for your occasion.

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