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The releasing of our pure white doves is a very symbolic gesture showing in very touching ways the unity of two people, peace and love.

The happy couple, civil partners, bridesmaids, groomsmen and page boys, can take part in the releasing of the doves after the wedding ceremony, or during your reception. It's your day and we can help to make it extra special for you.

The release doves can be released from one of our beautiful baskets or by hand adding that extra touch to your photographs.

We also offer display doves, these are two doves that are displayed in beautiful cages either side of the entrance to your wedding venue and afterwards to form a setting to your release photograph. Please note that unlike some companies who display the release doves prior to release our display doves are exceptionally pretty fantails, some with crests or feathered feet and all with beautiful fantails  which remain for the whole of the photo shoot. These fantail doves are only for display and will not be released.

As an alternative or in addition you could have a pair of pure white miniature cooing doves in each cage. These doves are small & very, very cute and respond to attention by displaying to your guests.

Releasing the doves speaks a thousand words and will keep you and your guests speaking about it for years to come.

We offer a Wedding Dove release service in Preston, Lancashire and throughout North West England.

    1. Two Dove Release

    This is a nice package for a small gathering or where a simple understated ceremony is preferred.

    Two doves released by hand by bride and groom or from a choice of baskets.

    With all packages the ceremony includes a specially chosen poem which may pay tribute to family members, friends or family who are no longer with us, and/or children of the bride and groom. After the ceremony a token of a small white wooden dove on a ribbon, two white feathers in an organza pouch, and a card with the chosen poem will be given to the bride and groom, to help you remember your special day.

    Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays): £110.00 **

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday: £150.00 **

    2. Two Display Cages with Doves

    Two display cages either side of the church or venue entrance with one dove in each for 30 minutes before the ceremony to greet the guests and the bride and groom on arrival, followed by photographs after the ceremony.

    Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays): £90.00 **

    Weekend and Bank holidays: £120.00 **

    3. Two Dove Release, Cages & Display

    A combination of 1. Two Dove Release and 2. Two Display Cages with Doves. 

    Monday to Thursday (excluding bank holidays): £170.00 **

    Friday Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: £190.00 **

    4. Premier Package

    A combination of Two Dove Release from a decorated basket or cage , two display cages with our beautiful fantail doves or our small very cute java doves, plus a basket of five birds released (ususally by the best man and chief bridesmaid - or children may wish to join in if you prefer), this will represent family and friends who will support the happy couple throughout their married life.  These birds usually join with the two released by the happy couple and accompany them home. 

    This works well for weddings with twenty or more guests and is our highly recommended package.

    Premier Package: £250.00 **

    5. Special Platinum Package

    The complete Premier Package, plus an additional two display cages using both miniature java doves and also beautiful fancy fantail doves, plus extra birds for use in photographs.  This special package is very spectacular and will create a beautiful finale for your service which will be remembered for years to come. 

    This package is ideal for weddings where there are a large number of guests.

    Special Platinum Package: £295.00 **

    Mix and Match

    Mix and Match - Start with two doves and add extras such as guests to release extra doves or extra display cages or baskets of doves. Have a chat with us and we can find you a package to suit your needs. 

    ** All these prices are for Friday, Saturday or Sunday weddings within 25 miles of Whittingham, Preston. Other days of the week cost from £90.00 (package 1). Greater distances available on request. 


Wedding Packages from £99

Wedding Packages
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