Wedding Packages

Pure white doves are perfect to give your wedding day that extra special touch. It is said that white doves on your wedding day is a sign of prosperity and good fortune and they bring joy and beauty to your special day. They have for centuries been used to symbolise purity, peace, faith and love. They stay faithful to each other for life and form unbreakable family bonds. They are very gentle and peaceful birds yet fiercely protective of their partners and young. The releasing of our pure white doves is a very symbolic and romantic gesture showing the unity of two people, peace, love and lifelong commitment to each other.

We are based in Preston and can provide white dove releases for weddings in Lancashire, Cumbria and throughout the North West of England including Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Blackburn. If you're at all unsure if we will provide our Dove Release services where you live, just give us a call on 0792 075 2183.

Our beautiful pure white doves are immaculate and we take time to decorate our stunning cages and baskets to the highest standards for your special day in order that you and your guests as you enter your venue, and also for photo opportunities afterwards.

Our display doves are two doves that are displayed in beautiful cages either side of the entrance to your wedding venue and afterwards to form a setting to your release photograph. Please note that unlike some companies who display the release doves prior to release our display doves are exceptionally pretty fantails, some with crests or feathered feet and all with beautiful fantails  which remain for the whole of the photo shoot. These fantail doves are only for display and will not be released as they do not have the homing instinct of our release doves. After the ceremony they are taken home in a special tailor made darkened carrier so they can rest before being re-united with their flock in their spacious aviary in our garden.

The happy couple and family if wished can take part in the releasing of doves after the wedding ceremony - it is your day and we want to make it extra special for you. 

We especially like to include children as they have a natural love of all animals and they love to feel involved in special occasions.

The release doves can be released from one of our beautiful baskets or by hand adding that extra touch to your photographs.

As an alternative or in addition you could have pure white miniature cooing doves in each cage. These doves are small & very, very cute and respond to attention by displaying to your guests.

Releasing the doves speaks a thousand words and will keep you and your guests speaking about it for years to come.

We offer a Wedding Dove release service in Preston, Lancashire and throughout North West England.


    Two doves released by the Bride and Groom, and Two Decorated Display Cages at the Venue Entrance.

    Two doves released by hand by bride and groom or from a basket.

    Just as the bride and groom arrive separately for the wedding and leave together as husband and wife, so do the two doves, and as they are released separately by the bride and groom, they meet overhead then fly home together to their home.

    Two of our beautifully decorated cages with fantail display doves or our tiny java doves will be placed outside your venue entrance for your guests to enjoy as they enter for the service. These will be decorated to match the brides chosen colour theme. 

    With all packages the ceremony includes a specially chosen poem. We offer a free training session for a dove release prior to your wedding. 

    After the ceremony a token of a small white wooden dove on a ribbon, two white feathers in an organza pouch, and a card with the chosen poem will be given to the bride and groom, to help you remember your special day.

    Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays): £140.00 **

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday: £175.00 **


    A basket of doves for release by bridesmaids, family or children are a beautiful addition - the doves will fly up and join with the two released by the bride and groom. They usually circle around before accompanying each other safely home. This  symbolises  family bonds which includes children and the family supporting the bride and groom throughout their life.

    Two baskets of doves symbolise the two families coming together as one. Although released from separate baskets, all of the doves will fly to join together with the two  released by the bride and groom, again accompanying them on their journey. 

    Our white heart shaped baskets ususally contain three to five doves and we also have large baskets for up to twelve doves. Extra doves are £15 each.

    Special Memories Doves.

    Sometimes there may be  a loved one no longer  with us and a memories dove is the perfect way to remember them and to feel they are part of your special day.

    If you wish, a suitable poem can read in their memory. Memories doves from £15. 

    ** All these prices are for Friday, Saturday or Sunday weddings within 25 miles of Whittingham, Preston.  Greater distances available on request.