Bird Welfare

The most common question we are asked is “what happens to the doves when they are released”? The answer is they fly home very quickly as they have both a strong natural homing instinct and they are trained regularly from when they first start showing a love of flying when they are youngsters.

In order that they develop into strong birds our doves are fed the very best diet of mixed corn, vitamins, minerals and grits.

All our doves are kept in a completely natural environment in our garden in Preston, Lancashire, flying free all day every day and secure at night from predators, pecking around in our garden (unfortunately for the garden eating the flowers and plants) and bathing whenever they wish.

Doves in bathPeople have been captivated by the gentle nature of doves for centuries. When doves are comfortable with their home and family, they can safely be handled by adults and children alike. Doves also breed naturally, choosing their own mates and usually staying together for life.

If required, we can arrange an appointment for you to visit us to see our doves at home and appreciate the happy life they enjoy. As you'll see from the picture, they really enjoy having a communal-splash-about in the bath. It is probably this enjoyment of their home life that causes them to fly back home so quickly!

We are also proud to be members of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. Please click the link below to visit their website.

Royal Pigeon Racing Association website