Funerals / Memorial Releases

The release of doves at a funeral can be both a touching and significant marker of the occasion as they symbolise peace, hope, faith and love.

White doves for a funeral are a beautiful tribute to a loved one and the sight of these beautiful birds soaring into the sky can bring a moment of comfort at such a sad time.

The release of our beautiful white doves takes place after the service or at the graveside and so it is a lovely way to end the service. As you'll see from the picture on this page, we have several different basket/bird-cage settings with which to display/release our funeral doves.

We can read out a specially selected poem if you wish, and we also do a short reading about the symbolism of white doves at this time.

We understand that funerals are not, typically, planned in advance, so your call is never too late and we will do all we can to accommodate your request.

You may also prefer to ask your funeral director to make arrangements directly with us on your behalf.

We are based in Preston and can provide a Funeral Doves release service in Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Blackburn and places throughout North West England and beyond. If you're at all unsure if we will provide our funeral doves services where you live, just give us a call on 0792 075 2183.


It is a comfort to know that loved ones who have passed on continue to be in our hearts and that we can show our love for them with a white dove release ceremony. A memorial is a way for  family and friends to get together to share the love and commemorate their loved ones life. 

We can give a short reading regarding the symbolism of pure white doves, and a poem can be read before the doves are released if wished, creating a ceremony for your occasion.

Memorials are unique occasions and whether it is a large formal occasion or simple graveside service on a special anniversary, we can provide a release individually designed for your needs on the day, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

"Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!  I would fly away and be at rest."   Psalm 55:6

    1. Individual Spirit from £90

    Exceptionally, we charge only £75 for a 'local' venue (defined as being within 3 miles of our PR3 2AQ home location) otherwise the price charged will be based on the distance between your service/venue and our home location.

    One single dove is released to symbolise the soul of the departed on their final journey. The dove can be released by hand or from a heart shaped basket.

    2. Holy Trinity from £130

    Three doves are released representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The fourth dove representing the soul of the departed is then to join them on its final journey. The doves can be released by hand or from a heart shaped basket.

    3. On The Wings Of An Angel from £170

    Six doves representing angels from heaven are released. A seventh dove representing the soul of the departed is then released by hand to join them on its final journey. The doves can be released by hand or from a basket.

    4. Reunited Pair from £110

    A single dove representing the spirit of the deceased is released, either by hand or from a basket, followed by a second dove. This dove represents the previously departed spouse of the deceased. The two birds will meet up and fly home together symbolising the pair being reunited for ever.