Terms & Conditions

  1. Our doves cannot be released too close to dusk, indoors, at night or in bad weather conditions.
  2. If we have to cancel a release on the day, due to bad weather, display doves will be used instead and a refund of the difference in price made.
  3. Our doves can only be released from distances whereby they can safely reach home.
  4. A dove handler will be present at all times, punctual and reliable.
  5. All bookings over 25 miles from our home base in Preston, Lancashire will be charged extra at £1.00p per mile to be paid with final balance.
  6. We require a minimum of £50 initial payment (£75 for funerals) when making a booking and the balance 10 weeks before the release takes place.    
  7. We do not provide birds for self release.
  8. Every effort is made, by adjusting their diet, to ensure that birds do not produce droppings during a release however in the event of an accident we cannot be held responsible.
  9. Wedding bookings are for 90 minutes maximum unless negotiated for longer. In the event of delay to the release an extra fee of £30.00 per hour, or part of an hour, payable in cash before the release will be charged or the release cancelled. If cancelled for this reason then no refund will be due.
  10. Doves Of Life will take photographs at the event to use for publicity purposes unless requested not to do so by the bride or groom.
  11. If your event runs early and as a consequence we miss the event you are still liable for the whole fee.

For your convenience and benefit please be aware that we carry Public Liability insurance