About Doves of Life

Doves of Life is based in Preston, Lancashire and we offer a professional service backed by many years of experience handling these beautiful birds. We take your special occasion very seriously indeed. We make it our responsibility to ensure that our part of your ceremony goes without a hitch. Our presence is always discreet allowing the doves to take centre stage along with you.

About Doves

Doves of life is a family run business with many years of experience of handling and rearing birds. Our release birds are specially bred and trained to fly home to their loft in our garden, and our beautiful fantail doves and tiny java doves are used for display purposes. We operate to the highest standards of bird welfare and professionalism and our doves are always immaculate and are trained to be handled from being very young. 

We offer an individual service tailored to your needs and preferences, we always take time to get to know our clients in order to create the very best service. We offer free training in releasing our doves and we welcome visitors to our home to see the birds for yourself and satisfy yourself on the standards of our birds welfare - we are very proud of our beautiful birds and we operate to the highest standards of cleanliness and animal welfare. 

All our packages are very affordable and we can put in place a payment plan. We are very adaptable and can adjust our service to suit the needs of your day.

We are based in Preston and can provide a Dove Release service in Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Blackburn and places throughout North West England and beyond. If you're at all unsure if we will provide our Dove Release services where you live, just give us a call on 0792 075 2183.

Note: On Friday 28 December 2018, Doves of Life business owner Sue Brown was featured in an article in her local newspaper the Lancashire Post with the headline "A Lancashire nurse made a high flying change after taking semi-retirement - by starting a business releasing her doves at weddings, funerals and special events." Read more at: the Lancashire Post.

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